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Bored To Death on HBO
Episode Discussion Post: 3x05: I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth 
7th-Nov-2011 09:02 pm
LJ - Puffs!Gang
Here's the episode discussion post! Feel free to treat it as an on-going post or just talk about the episode after the fact.

Tonight's synopsis: Jonathan and George see a "friendship" counselor (Sarah Silverman). George begins taking singing lessons from Josephine (Mary Steenburgen), a delightful pothead. Jonathan attempts to win back George's affection. Ray becomes irresistible to women.
8th-Nov-2011 05:22 am (UTC)
Hey I just wanted to say that my BF and I have been enjoying the eps..and though I don't have much to say besides that...welllllll
I love Jason Schwartzman!!!


I haven't even gotten to 305 yet. but I will treasure it. I'm trying to make a gif icon out of the whole bed thing in 302? I will post if even moderately successful.

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